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The Warning of ZYB Series Hydraulic Static Pile Driver

1 .The use warning of a crane

Lifting a long boat and short boat of their own cranes is forbidden;

Oblique drag pile by the own crane is forbiden;

The lifting weight and angle is strict controlled;

The crane when lifting heavy objects, prohibit people stand in the range of lifting;

The hoist rope wound on a drum circle in the number of at least 4 laps;

Check the winch wire rope and the hanging pile wire rope, if rope is broken, replace it immediately at first time;

It can only unload the pins when the crane at the horizontal axis location, lifting the crane is forbidden when the

pins are unloaded;

Operate the flexible handle only when the crane coupling pins are removed and the pressed plugs are released;

★Dragging piles in less than 45degree and loose piles together with the ground are both forbidden.

2. The warning of machine body moving and location

(1) ★When long boats are grounded, a single long boat to move or two long boats to move backwards are prohibited;

(2) It must be somebody to make the command to move long boats, to ensure that no obstructions around and on the      ground and the facilities can not be pressured;

(3) ★Long boats and short boats must fall over flat on the ground, against long short boats l pressure in the         highlighted surface of hard objects (especially pile pier) ;

(4) The body lift operation must be in command, strict control of body angle, within the 2 º (horizontal instrument a large          bubble in the first circle, that is, within the framework of 0.5) (two long-boats in the same horizontal plane when the amount       of each leg extended deviation shall not exceed 150mm), otherwise the body and cantilever may be cracked.

3. The warning of construction process,

(1) Each Pile Section X and Y to be hanging lines, to ensure that the vertical piles buried (gradient less than 0.2%) before      piling, otherwise they will pressure partial piles and broken pile;

(2) Clamping pile on pile-bit and leveling the fuselage before the pile is not buried; it can loose pile and adjust  the body level when pile pressure buried less than 2 meters; pile pressure piles buried more than 2 meters is still vertical, should be folder the vertical pile and then pull out the adjustment pressure;

(3) ★It must be the entire jaw folder piles in the length of the pile direction when folderring piles, piles of some of the Prohibition JAW, some vacant, otherwise it will damage jaws;

(4) Carrying piles with pile bar, it is not allowed that jaws to grip  boss part of the pile bar, otherwise it will damage jaws;

(5) ★When hanging hook  is not decoupled, there must be a carefully coordination between pressing piles and hanging piles the crane, and Decentralization speed of the hook must be greater than piling speed;

(6) ★Only in the main tank is piling out piling tank, deputy state can be extended, or it will make the main piling Cylinder Block, and then pull off a serious security incidents;

(7) ★Manipulation of the handles and hands casually into the gap between the upper and lower pile are prohibited when counterpointpiles, the pile so as to avoid falling wounding;

(8) Swinging angle of the leg ball beyond the maximum swing angle (6 °)because of the unevennessof spaceand body movements ;

(9) Checking the oil pressure, oil temperature is normal (oil temperature) in operation at any time, abnormal immediately stop processing;

(10) ★During thepressing process, it is prohibited for floating machine (ie, body supported by the pile, walking wheels of long boats are away from the track plane)especially during the pressing side pile, or if there is the phenomenon of slipping or breaking piles, and  pile driver crashfrom the Air to make deathful accident;

(11) ★It must be timely to add when folder asphalt piles pressure relief, so that the oil pressure control folders pile more than the value in the request, there would be producing the slipping phenomenon, and in severe cases deathful incidents;

(12) Construction with more than 80% of the piling capacity, we must ensure that the site is not trap machine;

(13) The pressure of the Hydraulic system must control strictly within allowed rate pressure;

(14) ★Prohibited working without  steel pipe pile caps, or else it will not only crushed pile, there will be serious crash of the incident;

(15) Only two balancing weight frame can put on each side;

(16) ★No standing under the balancing weight when the machine is working , Prohibition of non-staff near the pile driver.

4.The Warning of Maintenance

(1) Cleaning up the pile driver before class work and cleaning the pile driver during the time after the completion of each site and before moving the driver. Asked foreman in charge, and to implement the division of responsibilities to each person;

(2) ★Piling add butter to walk round, walking guide wheels, guide wheel bearing before the class starts, others according to other needs throughout the lubrication and maintenance time-lubricating; it must  plus butter in running a small car ball seat and the main piling blocks before each conversion site ,then it can install the ball head and the main press trailer coupling. Asked foreman in charge, and to implement the division of responsibilities to each person;

(3) ★Checking all parts of the pre-construction inspection equipment is in normal conditions (such as the screw is loose or not, whether there is cracking components, in particular, check the crane slewing support bolt is loose coupling or not) before class starts, if conditions are not normal ,it must be handle it and then start work . Asked foreman in charge, and  to implement the division of responsibilities to each person;

(4)The construction process, surveillance equipment operational statusin  the division responsible conditions, if conditions are not normal ,it must be handle it. Asked foreman in charge, and to implement the division of responsibilities to each person;

(5) It must correct the fixed jaw at first  using of pile driver, to ensure the guide column surface parallel with piles in X and Y (vertical hanging wire measurement, the parallel error of less than 0.15%), otherwise they will break pressure partial piles and piles ;

(6) ★In addition to  long boats itself welding things, prohibit Dative welding on them, otherwise it will damage outrigger cylinder piston rod;

(7) ★Folder box on the pile welding, would need to pile boxes Datie folder, otherwise it will damage piling cylinder piston rod;

(8) It must replace the filter of the filter cleaner when return oil pressure is higher than 0.3Mpa, or filter in the dirt will enter the fuel tank;

(9) ★A month later after first time you use, the oil tank must be cleaned with putting  the oil and fully hydraulic oil filtration; and check oil color with the regular monthly, if the hydraulic oil emulsion occurs, metamorphism, or water tank must be the immediate replacement of hydraulic oil;for a new consideration of hydraulic oil circuit cleaning equipment factory with the low viscosity of the 46 low-mucus oil pressure, ambient temperature is greater than 25 ° for the first time one month after using the N68 to be replaced with low-viscosity hydraulic oil; ambient temperature is below 25 ° can use the N46 low mucus oil pressure, environmental temperature is below 0 ° when the need to select the appropriate low-temperature hydraulic oil. Otherwise, pump life will be shortened more than 50% volumetric efficiency of the system will be a lot.

(10)It should be to enable long boats grounded when stop operation, the fuselage at the level of status (Level bubble in a large circle, that is, within 0.5), folders piled box at the lowest position, the level of placing boom, power off supply;

(11) It is not allowed Non-professionals to regulate in any hydraulic system and electrical system components; and also it forbidden to charged to maintain electrical components;

(12) Checking leakage protection switch leakage is normal or not, we must ensure leakage protection function properly in order to begin the formal power in the daily working time;

(13) Host manipulator and crane drivers must undergo special training of qualified manufacturing facilities to posts.

5. The warning of disassembly Transport

(1★Before dismantling hydraulic hose in machine transfer, the outsides of joints must be cleaned by diesel fuel or clean clothes; The joints must immediately sealed by plugs or plug caps after dismantling of joints; the outsides of joints must be cleaned by diesel fuel or clean clothes before assembling hydraulic system, ensuring hydraulic system not be polluted.

(2) Pillows must be let down under fuselage beam in transportation, ensuring pipeline and electrical cable not be damaged.

(3) Pipeline connection must be checkout before running; jogging motor check ensuring the reversed-phase not happened.

(4)With the feature of long, extra-wide, ultra-high, overweight, attention must be paid to passing ability.

Great attention must be paid to ★items; The seller is not taken the responsibility for the security accidents caused by error manipulating, which is not following the warning.

The warning in English version is only for reference, if any discrepancy, the Chinese one should prevail.

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