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  1. We guarantee that after-sales service office will be set up in each area where our products were sold out to. Each an after-sales service office takes cares of service jobs in 2 provinces at the most. (Hong Kong, Macau and Guangdong province shares the same office). Overseas after-sales service is offered by the local after-sales service office where our special professional after-sales service engineers are on standby.

  2. The work hours of after-sales service department of headquarters are 8:00~21:00; please contact local after-sales service office when after-sales service requirement is out of the work hours.

  3.  After-sales service engineers will be sent to maintain your equipment and offer onsite guidance every 2 or 3 months by our local after-sales service office.

  4.  After-sales service engineers are required to arrive at the designated destination within 12 hours when the task is assigned.

  5.  Spare parts inventory commitment

  Consumption parts such as oil pump, valves and seals should keep abundant inventory in the local after-sales service office.

  The spare parts should be arrived at the after-sales service destination as soon as the engineer arrived.

  The spare parts that don’t have inventories in the after-sales service office should be taken as urgent request and delivered immediately.

6.  Warranty:  Quality guarantee for one and half a years for key spare parts, one year for ordinary spare parts, half a year for consumption parts. The spare parts will be repaired or replaced free of charge under the circumstance of correct operation based on the user’s manual. For the overseas customer, the cost ofreplacingnew parts should be half shared with the manufacturer and customer. Old damaged parts can be kept by customers.  

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