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Since the beginning of 90s’, the 20th century, the first ZYB series Hydraulic Static Pile Driver was succeeded in production by the Hydraulic Machine and Control Technology Research Institute of CSU, it has developped into the tenth generation “K” model, which can meet with request of piling force of 80~1200 ton, and its single pile loading ability reaches to 40~500 ton. The ZYB series Hydraulic Static Pile Driver of Hunan Changhe Machine Co.,Ltd owns 6 national patented technologies, and has good reputation from widely application not only in domestic market, but also in oversea market, such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia etcs.

Main Performance

1. Optimal structure design according to theory of fatigue strength ensures the fatigue life longer than 15 years, and safety factor on key structure larger than 6.

2. Unique design of clamping jaw to promise fully contact with surface of piles to avoid any damage of piles.

3. Unique design of hydraulic system leads to less energy loss and lower temperature rising during operation.

4. Net-shaped rib structure inside of traving feet greatly improved its strength and rigidity.

5. Reasonable design of whole machine increased the avarage ability of anti-trap by 15% at least.

6. The loading ability of crane and boom can be 130% of rated, all components except traving feet can be lifted.

7. Compared with traditional side-piling mechanism, ZYB side-piling system increases its driving ability by 30%~50%

8. The oil filling system inlet in the hydraculi system makes oil tiling and filtering very convenient and free of pollution.

9. ZYB can drive piles more than 1200 meters a day with no noise, no pollution, high piling quality.

Patented Technology

1. The patented pile clamping mechanism and its control system makes pile clamping reliable, keeps pile from being damaged, and therefore allow thin-wall-pile be drived easily.

2. The patented long-feet-moving mechanism with directly driven double carts prevents the lifting mechanism from enduring sectional forces.

3. The patented supporting platform articulating mechanism has the rigidity and strength 30% higher than traditional ones, making the machine more stable to operate and more convenient to transport.

4. The patented lifting mechanism prevents its cylinders from enduring sectional forces and conscequently brings them longer operating life.

5. The patented tech of multi grade control of pile driving velocity doubles the piling speed.

6. The patented auto-replacement mechanism of traverse and rotary motion automatically keeps the rails of the short feet being parallel all the time and protects the machine from being damaged

7. The patented clamping mechanisam of the clamp jaw driven by hydraulic cylinder and spring replacing, which could have 8 pcs clamping jaw and make sure the pile clamped more stable. The piling force is passed directly to clamp jaw via hydraulic cylinder which could avoid the damage to the piling cylinder and decrease the maintaining cost.

Application Case

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