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ZL-D series electrical rotary head long screw drilling rig is kind of construction equipment for bored cast-in-place pile developed by Changhe in 2005, which is widely applied to the foundation construction of buildings, bridges, airports roadbed and every kinds of soft roadbed. Generally, the diameter of piles is 300-1000mm; the depth of piles is 20-36m.

Main performance characteristics for ZL-D

  1. Reliable—it is the most reliable long screw drilling rig in China.
  2. Stable—it is the most stable long screw drilling rig in China.
  3. High working efficiency—  it keeps the best record of 620m piles per-day.
  4. The pile is formed by filling concreteinto the hole bottom through the central pipe of the drilling pipe at the same time when the drilling pipe is pulled from the hole, so it doesn’t  require  mud protection and the cost construction is 15% lower than other construction equipment which require mud protection and there is no mud pollution.
  5. Independent moving mechanism moves more flexible and easier especially when meets obstacles.
  6. Legs-supporting-cylinder-inverted mechanism protects the piston rods from distortion.
  7. To meet different working requirements, there are step type andcrawler type for your choice.
  8. There are foldable square stand pillar with cylinder and spun stand pillar with main winch for your choice.

Main Technical parameters of ZL-D series electrical rotary head long screw drilling machine


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